One Tree Hill Alum Jana Kramer Claps Back At Mommy Shamers “I’m Over It”

One Tree Hill Alum Jana Kramer Claps Back At Mommy Shamers “I’m Over It”
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One Tree Hill alum Jana Kramer thought she was being real with other moms when she posted a picture of her daughter having a temper tantrum.

However, the move backfired on the actress, who was immediately mommy shamed. Kramer is not taking the comments lightly firing back at the trolls who judge her and make assumptions about her life, despite not knowing her.

Kramer's 3-year-old daughter Jolie Rae was not happy with her dinner last night. The county singer shared the moment with her followers via Instagram Stories. She and her husband can firmly be heard telling their little girl "Chew it, Jolie."

It didn't take long for the unwanted comments to start flooding her post. Whether people intentionally meant to shame Kramer or merely to help figure out why the toddler was having fit, some were rude and downright mean. Many of the remarks were directed at the mother of two indicating she is not paying enough attention to her oldest child.

Despite not wanting to engage with the haters, the actress decided she needed to speak out and stick up for herself, as well as other moms.

"You live in my house? So you think u know? No that's right you don't!" she wrote on top of a screenshot of one of the comments.

The 35-year-old brunette beauty then decided to post a video in her stories to set the record straight, as well as clap back at the unwanted and unwarranted backlash.

"I know I shouldn't respond to comments, especially comments like that but it just drives me crazy that people feel the need to comment on my pictures. I'm over it. "And then it makes me upset because I want to be able to post a temper-tantrum of Jolie's just to keep it real and for the other moms out there to know you're not alone," she said.

Jana Kramer had to further explain to her followers that she didn't need people trolling her page telling her how to raise her child. The actress is right. Children throw fits all the time, especially toddlers for every little reason. It does not automatically mean a parent is doing something wrong.

After clapping back at the trolls, Kramer shared a final post that consisted of her drinking a glass of wine with the caption "There isn't enough wine sometimes."

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