Jana Kramer Reveals She Had A 'Panic Attack' After Flying To Canada Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jana Kramer Reveals She Had A 'Panic Attack' After Flying To Canada Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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Fans of Jana Kramer know she was recently attacked online after she revealed she would continue traveling for her work when the coronavirus pandemic was first beginning. During a conversation with reporters from Us Magazine, the actress stated that when she landed in Canada, she immediately had the "worst anxiety ever."

While promoting her new single, "Untouchable," Jana, 36, shared that as she stayed up to date with the news, she increasingly began to worry because she and her man brought their kids to Canada. The star says she thought to herself, "what were they thinking? Like, holy crap."

As it was noted above, the Michigan native caused somewhat of a backlash back in March when she took to her social media account to say she was still going to travel as reports of the virus' spread began.

The actress stated that when she finally arrived in Canada, she began realizing it was a bad decision and panic ensued. Her anxiety attack occurred while laying in bed one night, just one day before they were supposed to begin filming.

Kramer stated she was "crying and shaking" and her husband was doing his absolute best to calm her down. Her husband told her to call her agents and let them know she wanted to go home, but she worried about ruining the production.

Despite her worries, Jana continued working with producers but later decided it was best to move out of Canada after officials announced they were considering closing up the border. Later, her producers revealed they were pulling the plug, and everyone had to go home.

Fortunately for her, Kramer's friend managed to get her on Wayne Gretzky's private jet from New York so she was able to get back home before things got bad. Kramer went on to sympathize with American citizens abroad who weren't able to return home.

As for what she has been up to since the pandemic began, Kramer has been busy reflecting on her life, career, and also working on new music. She just released a new song called "Untouchable," on Friday.

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