Jana Kramer Reveals The One Game Couples Should Play If They Want To Get Divorced

Jana Kramer Reveals The One Game Couples Should Play If They Want To Get Divorced
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If there's one thing that Jana Kramer deserves credit for, it's the way she opens up about her romance with Mike Caussin. Recently, Us Magazine picked up on an Instagram Story from the star in which she joked that she and Mike were going to break up over a board game.

On the 2nd of April, Thursday, the 34-year-old One Tree Hill star asked if they were "ready for world domination?" while showing off a game of Risk. Not long after, Kramer suggested the game between herself and her husband actually became more competitive than they hoped for.

Kramer joked in the video that one of the fastest ways to get a divorce was to play Risk. Caussin joked, "here comes a table flip." According to Jana, she was winning the game against her hubby and suggested he wasn't being a good sport about it.

Jana claims Mike told her he was starting to get a bit tired of playing the game with her, so he suggested watching Netflix's Ozark instead. Jana said to him right away, "Hmm, is it because I'm kicking your a**?" The singer-songwriter continued taunting him even after they put Risk away.

Putting the jokes aside, as fans of the couple know, Kramer and Caussin have experienced challenges in their marriage before. They first got married in May of 2015, and had two children together, including Jolie and Jace, but it was later revealed that he had cheated on her with several women. He later went to sex addiction therapy.

It got worse once again when in October 2019, she found a topless picture of a woman on his phone. Approximately two months later, the songstress shared an Instagram post which led fans to believe she and Mike were calling it off for good this time.

Kramer removed "wife," from her Instagram page as well. Sources who spoke with Us Magazine in January claimed the couple has been working on their marriage, and trying to keep it all together.

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