Jana Kramer Is Continuing to Travel For Work Despite Coronavirus Fears - Some Fans Aren't Happy

Jana Kramer Is Continuing to Travel For Work Despite Coronavirus Fears - Some Fans Aren't Happy
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Jana Kramer is currently getting ready to film a movie in Canada, and the coronavirus doesn't have her running scared. Us Magazine recently picked up on an Instagram post from the actress in which she explained why she was choosing to move forward with her original plans, despite news of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kramer revealed on her Instagram account that she was headed for Canada today to film her new movie because she recently spoke with her producer who told her that everything was a "go for now." The 36-year-old star and her man, Mike Caussin, are going to Canada along with their two children, Jolie and Jace.

After sharing the first post, Jana later went on her Instagram Stories to explain why she and Mike were continuing with their plans. Kramer responded to the onslaught of haters on her account, who accused her of putting the world at risk by continuing to travel.

Kramer remarked that really, it was outside of her control anyway because if she chose not to go, she could get sued for going against her written contract with the film studio.

Additionally, Kramer explained that in Canada, there weren't many cases, and the studio wouldn't put her and her family at risk if their lives were in danger. Kramer added that she and the rest of her family are all healthy, and there are no problems.

As it was previously reported, 100+ movie sets and TV show productions have been shut down, including The Walking Dead , Chicago Med/Fire/P.D ., as well as The Morning Show, Grey's Anatomy , The Amazing Race, and The Bachelorette.

Some of the most popular late-night and day-time talk shows have also chosen to cancel as well, including Trevor Noah's show, Jimmy Fallon's show, and Stephen Colbert's. Furthermore, some of the biggest movies of the year were also postponed.

Studios announced earlier this year that No Time To Die was postponed until November of this year, after initially only being put on hold in China.

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