Jana Kramer Reveals Her Marriage Was Suffering Because Of Her Miscarriages!

Jana Kramer Reveals Her Marriage Was Suffering Because Of Her Miscarriages!
Credit: Source: foxnews.com

As fans know, Jana Kramer had a hard time conceiving her and husband Michael Caussin’s second child, and now, she is getting candid about the way in which this negatively affected their relationship. Here’s what she had to say!

Kramer has been really open with her fans about the incredibly difficult journey to finally welcoming her baby boy, Jace.

Before giving birth to the bundle of joy back in November, Jana suffered a number of tragic miscarriages.

During an interview with HollywoodLife, the woman explained how that took a toll on her and Michael’s relationship, saying that ‘I took everything really personal. When we lost the two back to back I was like, ‘It’s me, and you are probably going to leave me because I can’t even carry our own baby.’ I just felt like I was not good enough or woman enough to have a baby.’

‘He was really great with me, but I felt like in that moment I honestly wanted to be left alone. That truly was hard on our relationship because I pushed him away. I wish I would have brought him in more.

The former NFL player explained that amid everything, he felt ‘helpless,’ since there is no way to help your partner that physically goes through everything.

The only thing he could do was to try and support her as much as possible and just be there for her.

Of course, since at this time, they were also taking care of a 2 year old, daughter Jolie, there was a lot of weight on their shoulders.

And even though it would have been easier to use a surrogate or adopt, they continued to try and conceive through IVF, mainly because they couldn't afford surrogacy.


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