Offset Speaks On Tekashi 69 Case: 'Your Safety Is A Problem' - Watch The Video

Offset Speaks On Tekashi 69 Case: 'Your Safety Is A Problem' - Watch The Video
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You may recall that Offset has been arrested approximately 13 times so far, so he's definitely not a stranger when it comes to such things.

He knows very well that there's an unwritten rule in the streets that you never throw your buddies/partners under the bus. In other words, you never snitch.

Someone who snitches usually puts their own life in danger but also their family's and friends'.

Offset had a recent conversation with Big Boy on his radio show, and the rapper spoke on Tekashi 69's case. He addressed the situation the young rapper has gotten himself into.

He had a piece of advice for 69, even though it may come a little late.

'My OG used to tell me, you get in that water, you better know how to swim,' says Offset. 'You a grown man at the end of the day. You a grown man. Grown men make grown men decisions.'

He continued and said that Tekashi should be careful if he ever finds his way out of jail.

'You choose the streets and you go left on the streets, your safety is a problem now because you chose the streets. Just know what you doing.'

Offset also addressed this issue on his latest album, 'Father of 4.'

Someone commented 'Everyone thought Tekashi was soft and fake and here he is facing 47 years in jail for gang relation. Industry is not what it seems, at first sight, these days. Would u believe me that with a little research u would find out Kendrick is the most gangsta dude out of these new gen rappers? Kendrick the quiet one is the one with the most connections on the streets, real connections.'

Another person said: 'Offset said that well and is speaking the truth 🙌🙌 Also if you are reading this I hope you have a WONDERFUL day.'

Tekashi's baby mama, Sara Molina has recently spilled the tea on the rapper as well.

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