Tekashi 69's Baby Mama Sara Molina Says He's A Manipulative Narcissist And A 'Culture Vulture': 'He Can Adapt To Anything' - Watch The Video

Tekashi 69's Baby Mama Sara Molina Says He's A Manipulative Narcissist And A 'Culture Vulture': 'He Can Adapt To Anything' - Watch The Video
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Tekashi 69's baby mama, Sara Molina has recently given a lengthy interview in which she spilled the tea of the most intriguing Tekashi 69-related subjects.

She addressed their relationship, his way of being, the fact that he abused her physically and she also made sure to say that he'll be out in no time.

Sara Molina talked in an interview about Tekashi’s guilty plea , and she basically says that he won’t be doing time after he ‘snitched.’

The Shade Room comes with new details and only confirms the rumors that Tekashi might  become a free man without doing time .

Sara also said that Tekashi is a narcissist and he manipulated her a lot of times. She said that he could adapt to anything and she's seen him do it a lot.

'He could definitely reinvent himself, I've seen him do it a million times,' she said. 'He's like a culture vulture, he can adapt to anything.'

A lot of people thought that 69 was manipulated by the bad influences around him, but Sara denies this.

In fact, she thinks it's the other way around. 'I feel like in a way these grown men were manipulated by this little rainbow haired kid,' she said.

She continued and added something pretty shocking: 'Money and fame will make people do a lot of things. I was manipulated -- He's a narcissist, I'm telling you that now. He's very smart, I give him that. If I can give Danny credit for anything, his brain works in an evil way, but it's smart. It benefits him. And he's ambitious.'

People don't really appreciate the fact that she went and made this interview spilling so much tea about the rapper, the father of her baby girl.

Someone said 'Tekashi is literally the Donald Trump of the rap game. Troll your way to the top, lie, manipulate then let the people who helped you win get jammed and locked up.'

Another person believes 'She’s too dumb enough to realize that by her saying all this about him, she’s just exposing herself as being a salty thot lol. That when the money stops coming in she just turns on you.'

A person said 'I agree!! I think he’s going to re-invent himself & everyone’s going to love him again!! He’s very intelligent in those aspects...'

What do you think about the fact that Sara decided to speak on her relationship with Tekashi and more issues involving him?

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