Offset Honours The First B'day Of Son Wave

Offset Honours The First B'day Of Son Wave
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On Wave Set's special day, Offset shows him a lot of affection.

The 30-year-old rapper celebrated his son Wave's first birthday on Sunday by posting adorable photos of Wave and a vintage video showcasing the father-son team.

I LOVE YOU, BIG MAN; MY BIG WAVE IS 1 YEAR OLD TODAY! In the Instagram post, Offset stated.

The cute video captures the rapper's first experience holding Wave in his arms after the baby was delivered at a hospital in September. The post also features two pictures of Wave charmingly perched on a table inside an airplane.

On his Instagram Story, Offset also posted a picture of himself and his youngster on what seemed to be a shopping excursion. The rapper is shown in the photo adjusting his son's hat, whereas the infant is in his stroller.

While everything was going on, the day before, on Saturday, his wife Cardi B, with whom he raises Wave and their 4-year-old daughter Kulture, made fun of her kid by uploading a photo of Offset and Wave online and writing, "He got his daddy mean mug hahaha."

The "Up" singer published a brand-new image of her youngster wearing a cute outfit last month. The Wave was dressed in striped slacks, a yellow bib with a bee on it, and a ribbed shirt. He sat up straight. He held the strap for his pacifier in his small hand and fastened it to his bib.

The caption for the photo at the time read, "So handsome." Offset's children from prior partnerships are kids Kody, 7, and Jordan, 12, in addition to Kulture and Wave and daughter Kalea, who is seven years old.

Offset discussed the charm of his diverse family in an interview he gave with Essence in April. He remarked that being fortunate to have them all together and having a wife who is accepting and treats them like her children is a blessing. It might be a problem, but I do not need to deal with it, and that's lovely.

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