Kodak Black Jokes Lil Wayne ‘Should’ve Died’ - Daughter Reginae Carter Claps Back Savagely!

Kodak Black Jokes Lil Wayne ‘Should’ve Died’ - Daughter Reginae Carter Claps Back Savagely!
Credit: Source: flossmagazine.com

Kodak Black went as far as to say that Lil Wayne should have died at birth and now, his daughter, Reginae Carter is clapping back! Reginae made it very clear that all the young rappers, including him, should know to respect her legend dad.

And that is not all! She savagely suggested they should stop copying him as well!

As fans know, Kodak Black is known for attacking Lil Wayne quite a lot and his latest diss may have crossed the line.

It all started with The Shade Room sharing a clip in which the 21-year-old rapper was at Club LIV in Miami, performing.

While he was on the mic, Kodak joked about Lil Wayne’s death!

‘Where Lil Wayne?  You should have died when you were a baby,’ he can be heard telling his audience.

Reginae couldn’t help but clap back and she did it hard!

The 20-year-old daughter of the rap legend shared a snap that featured her as a baby and her dad, who was holding her in his arms.

In the caption, she called out Lil Wayne’s haters, without actually name dropping Kodak Black but it was still quite obvious who she was mainly addressing.

‘You new rappers need to start giving respect to the Goat. My father doesn't bother nobody. He will not even react to what was said. This man is in his own world so leave him alone,’ she wrote.

In another post, she went on to also accuse Kodak Black of copying her dad’s sound: ‘You pick the night he did not go to LIV to say that. You're bold. Lol. #ihatethesenewliln***as #norespectatall. Do not tell me to stay out of it because that is my father and you mfs do not give him his credit, and it is a shame. This n***a whole album sounds like my daddy old s**t. Gtfoh.’ Savage!


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