Nicki Minaj's Recent Clips Have Fans Assuming She's Pregnant - See The Videos Here

Nicki Minaj's Recent Clips Have Fans Assuming She's Pregnant - See The Videos Here
Credit: BET

Nicki Minaj shared some new clips on her social media account and her fans are convinced that she's pregnant. Check out the videos below.

People saw that Kenneth Petty keeps rubbing Nicki's belly and they jumped to the conclusion that she's definitely pregnant.

They asked her directly on her Twitter account and she answered fans, as you'll see in the posts captured by The Shade Room.

Someone told Nicki, 'Can’t wait to see what you’re going to be wearing at Carnival,' and another one of her fans posted: 'I love you Nicki I'm glad you're happy.'

Another follower said: 'Yeah sis take this filter off when you step off the plane,' and someone else posted this: 'Kenny needs to say something in these vids Nick. Lol.'

Another commenter said thus about Kenny: 'He is too fine damn sis he the best looking Man you have been with Fendi fact.'

Someone else said: 'I can tell Kenny is getting more comfortable with the attention and stuff he’s smiling more ❤️ even tho I know he stays cheesing with Nicki lol.'

Some people said that Nicki is just playing with her fans and they believe that she posted these videos knowing very well the reaction that she'd get.

Someone said: 'Best female rapper alive period! Don't argue with me argue with yo mama.'

Another follower posted this: 'Attention seeking like who plays about being pregnant or not,' while someone else wrote: 'But she uploaded this knowing that’s what ppl would ask. Annoying.'

A few days ago, Nicki shared a video on her social media account in which fans can see her hanging out with her dad and little sister, Ming.

People are simply blown away by how much Ming and Nicki resemble.

Nicki is living her best life together with her hubby, Kenneth and most of her fans grew fond of him.

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