Are Julia Roberts And Danny Moder Getting Divorced? New Report Says Julia Caught Kissing Another Man!

Are Julia Roberts And Danny Moder Getting Divorced? New Report Says Julia Caught Kissing Another Man!
Credit: Source: Julia Roberts/Instagram

On the surface, it looks like Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder have a perfect life. They have three beautiful children together and are in their 18th year of marriage. However, new reports in the upcoming March 2, 2020, issue of the National Enquirer says that the couple is possibly headed for divorce after Julia was caught kissing another man! But are the reports true? Are Julia and Danny really have marital woes? The couple is parents to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and son Henry. Julia's and Danny's story is also a rare one as their tale of love follows Danny's marriage to makeup artist Vera Steimberg. Rumors circulated that Julia and Danny had fallen in love and tensions were high as they waited for Vera to give Danny a divorce so he could be with Julia.

Julia and Danny have stood the test of time and many rooted for the couple that showed love can conquer all. But now, the National Enquirer suggests the pair have come close to a $200 million divorce and that they are fighting like cats and dogs while living separate lives.

You'll see the report in the new issue of the National Enquirer, which states Julia and Danny attended a pre-Oscar party thrown by millionaire Bruce Bozzi. The Enquirer captured a photo of  Julia holding Bruce's hand and giving him a big kiss on the cheek According to the report, all of this happened in front of Danny who was furious. Julia Roberts, Bruce Bozzi, or Danny Moder have spoken out about the report or the kiss.

At this point, there is no reason to assume it was not a simple exchange between friends. The source stated the following to the Enquirer.

"It may have been innocent, but given the rocky road they're on, it's no wonder Danny was furious! For her to act this flirty with another man when everybody knows they've been having problems was like a slap in the face to Danny!"

You may see a photo that Julia Roberts shared with her 8 million followers where she and her husband Danny were seen kissing while getting In-N-Out burgers.

Danny Moder is often seen around town with his children in tow. He's also shared pictures of his beautiful family including his wife Julia.

If Julia and Danny are ready for a divorce, you'd never know by looking at her Instagram account. For Valentine's Day, Julia Roberts shared a photo of Danny and referred to him as the light of her life.

You may see the photo Julia shared below. Danny didn't post anything about Julia on Valentine's Day.

What do you think about the report? Do you believe the National Enquirer's report about Julia and Danny?

Do you think it was an innocent kiss between friends or do you think Julia and Danny are headed for a divorce?


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