Nicki Minaj Is Planning A Big Second Wedding Ceremony After Rushing To Wed Kenneth Petty For This Reason

Nicki Minaj Is Planning A Big Second Wedding Ceremony After Rushing To Wed Kenneth Petty For This Reason
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In a pretty big surprise to most of her fans, Nicki Minaj dropped the bomb that she was officially married -- and she chose to make the big announcement on Instagram, of all possible places.

This is not the first time Minaj has teased her fans about possibly having tied the knot, as we previously saw her changing her name to "Mrs. Petty," which fueled many rumors about her current relationship status.

And indeed, many fans of Minaj already expected that something was going on, with some even convinced that it was only a matter of time before the rapper made the announcement officially.

It looks like those who believed that were right all along. With all that said, Minaj's husband is now officially Kenneth Petty.

The rapper has been very active on social media ever since making the big announcement, and she has been responding to various messages from her fans.

Many have taken the opportunity to congratulate Nicki, while others have been asking her various questions about her current relationship.

And while Minaj has been a bit reluctant to explain exactly how things were between her and her husband in too much detail, she has made it clear so far that she is very much in love and enjoys where she is in life.

Hopefully, this continues to be the case in the future -- but some critics certainly do not have any reason to believe that things could go sideways between these two anytime soon.

According to TMZ , the couple plans a bigger wedding in the upcoming months. They were in a rush to wed because they did not want the marriage license to expire.

One person said this: "So happy for you Mrs.Bride you deserve all the happiness in the world 💞👰🏾👑"

Another supporter stated: "I' m so happy for her🥺. Now I'm waiting for the baby😭.Y’all say yall of you want her to get married and have a baby she’s on her way yall of you still mad?😂why do y’all hate her so much, lol."

This follower shared: "For all the ppl saying she just met him, he is her childhood sweetheart. At least she getting married 1st then kids unlike these other celebrities 🌚Siiss is officially taken 😩😩😍😍😍 soooo happy for her."

A critic wrote: "Well, seeing as tho he has 3-4 other kids, I’m sure he’s not rushing the issue... hmmm, but on another note, his other BMs is really finna be straight 🤔#hebaggedthebag."

Minaj seems to be very happy.

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