Nicki Minaj Enjoys Being A New Mom - Her Son Cannot Wait To Meet The Barbz

Nicki Minaj Enjoys Being A New Mom - Her Son Cannot Wait To Meet The Barbz
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Nicki Minaj definitely loves to be a mother, and she told fans that she could not wait for her son to meet her. Check out what she's been posting on Twitter recently.

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She also told fans the following:

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She responded to a fan who eas addressing the subject of her son meeting the massive army of fans that she has.

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A follower said: 'We love momma Minaj 😭 she seems so happy,' and one other fan posted this message: 'I just wanna see the baby...'

Someone else wrote: 'love how y’all reposted this after being dragged the last time 😭', and one other follower said: 'imagine being rich soon as you come out.'

A follower said: 'He ain’t say all that but since you Nicki we support it 🤣' and someone else posted this: 'oh he loves me don’t know about y’all😘.'

Someone else posted: 'Nicki is honestly so kind and sweet😫. I don’t see why people don’t like her,' and ont other follower said: 'That baby blessed Nicki so much. She seems much more at peace and happier.'


Nicki Minaj hasn’t been a mom for a very long time, but she is already doing a great job.

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