Is Caitlyn Jenner Going To Play A 'White Trash' Transgender Woman In Duke Of The Valley Sitcom?

Is Caitlyn Jenner Going To Play A 'White Trash' Transgender Woman In Duke Of The Valley Sitcom?
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Is Caitlyn Jenner going to play a white-trash transgender woman in the upcoming Duke of the Valley sitcom? The reports are true! This will be Caitlyn Jenner 's first acting endeavor and all eyes will be on her to see how she does. Caitlyn is used to reality television but how she will do as an actress remains anyone's guess. The upcoming series Duke of the Valley is a Van Patten creation. Remember Dick Van Patten? The child actor turned patriarch on the 80s sitcom Eight is Enough ? Dick played Tom Bradford to his widowed brood and the world saw life through a single father's eyes. Dick passed away in 2015 but before he did, he passed the acting torch to his children and grandchildren.

Dick had three children: Nelson "Nells", James, and Vincent. Vincent Van Patten has been married twice. His first marriage was to Betsy Russell with whom he had two children: Duke Van Patten and Vincent Van Patten Jr. After Vincent Van Patten Sr.'s divorce from Betsy, he married Eileen Davidson , and together they have a son Jesse. Like his father, Vincent Van Patten Sr. worked as a child actor and appeared in numerous television series and movies beginning in the seventies.

Vincent Van Patten directs Duke of the Valley and co-writes the series with his son Duke Van Patten. Eileen Davidson co-stars along with Duke who plays the main character. Vincent plays the character Skippy and Vincent's brother James Van Patten will play the character, Jimmy.

Eileen Davidson plays Brenda and Caitlyn Jenner will play the transgender character, Heather. You may see a photo of Caitlyn Jenner from Duke of the Valley below.

Source: Duke of the Valley

The Wrap exclusively broke the story and described the premise of Duke of the Valley as follows.

Duke of the Valley is based on the memoirs of late actor Dick Van Patten, who was best known for portraying father figure Tom Bradford in the ABC dramedy series Eight Is Enough in the late 1970s. The show is co-created by Dick’s son Vince Van Patten and grandson, Duke Van Patten, who wrote the series together. Vince Van Patten will direct and produce with help from James Van Patten, Stefan Colson and Kim Waltrip. The show is currently shooting and has filmed a first episode, but without a network or release date.

You may see the full report below.

At this time, it's unclear when Duke of the Valley will air. Are you interested in watching the show? Are you looking forward to seeing Caitlyn Jenner the actress?


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