Nick Cannon Says He'll Vote For Kanye West's 'Birthday Party'

Nick Cannon Says He'll Vote For Kanye West's 'Birthday Party'
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We know who Nick Cannon is going to vote for this year. Hot New Hip Hop says Nick Cannon is voting for Kanye West and his "Birthday Party." Fans of Kanye West know his run for the 2020 presidential election has been very controversial, to say the least.

The rapper first sparked headlines when he announced his intention to take the seat in the Oval Office on the 4th of July. Since then, he has been the subject of much conversation, not only for his political campaign but also for his seemingly erratic tweeting habits.

This past month, Kanye said he was going to beat both Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the November election. Even though it seems as though Kanye has full intentions of winning this year, the rapper has been accused of manipulation.

Reports have suggested that the rapper is merely creating a presidential campaign to take votes away from Joe Biden, a Democrat. It's common knowledge that black Americans typically vote for the Democratic party, and if Kanye is on the ballot, there will no doubt be many votes for the rapper rather than Biden.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Nick Cannon recently came out to say that Kanye West had his support. When speaking with paparazzi, Nick touched on Kanye's run for the seat this year, stating that he "loved" the idea of Kanye running.

During the same conversation, Nick inadvertently discussed his run-in with cancel culture. As most know, Nick lost his job working for ViacomCBS after he agreed with Professor Griff's anti-Semitic comments from the late 1980s.

Cannon referred to it as "counsel culture," after having to speak to a Jewish rabbi about anti-Semitism. As it was previously reported, Nick lost his job on Wild'N'Out after he agreed that the Jews were responsible for much of the world's wars.

ViacomCBS later dropped a statement in which they said they fully condemned bigotry of all forms. In the following days, Cannon complained about the lack of support from the black community which upset him to the core.

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