Kanye West Responds To Claim That He's Taking Votes Away From Biden To Help Trump

Kanye West Responds To Claim That He's Taking Votes Away From Biden To Help Trump
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When asked if he was trying to help Donald Trump beat Joe Biden during this year's presidential election, Kanye West reportedly side-stepped the question in the most curious of ways. As most know, the rapper has been all over the headlines over the last month.

Amid the many reasons his name has been in the headlines includes the fact he's currently running for the presidency, however, a lot of people think it's all part of a nefarious plot to simply steal the thunder away from Joe Biden.

It's common knowledge that black Americans tend to vote for the Democrats, and if Kanye takes a lot of black voters away from Biden, there would be a greater chance that Trump beats him this year.

For this reason, some think Kanye is intentionally taking votes from the presidential candidate. Fans of the rapper know he recently came out as an ardent Trump supporter, before launching his own presidential campaign.

This news comes after it was reported that many Republicans are trying to get Kanye on the ballot so Biden has a smaller chance at winning.

During an interview through text message with Forbes Magazine, the publication asked him what his intentions were, and he said, "walking, walking to win." Moreover, Kanye claimed he didn't want to argue over his chances of winning this year.

What makes the case particularly interesting is the fact the rapper has said that he intends on working with Betsy DeVos sometime in the future regarding educational reform.

As it was previously reported, Kanye's decision to run for the presidency this year has received massive criticism by the mainstream media as well as by some of his contemporaries in the entertainment industry. For instance, Jamie Foxx called the rapper a "clown" when he heard the news.

His fellow rappers, however, including YG, claimed they would definitely vote for Kanye if he ran. French Montana did the same thing, urging Kanye to use music as a way of securing the vote for this year's election. Reportedly, Kanye hasn't been able to get on the ballot in all of the states, making his chance of winning small.

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