Nick Cannon Visits Jewish Center Following His Controversial Anti-Semitic Remarks

Nick Cannon Visits Jewish Center Following His Controversial Anti-Semitic Remarks
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This week, Nick Cannon went to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance in LA due to the comments he made while speaking with Professor Griff during an episode of his YouTube podcast, Cannon's Class , and the subsequent backlash.

Page Six obtained a press release from the organization in which the television personality spoke with senior officials and heard stories about the Holocaust from some of the survivors.

Cannon also read part of "The Hitler Letter" in which Adolf, the former German dictator, talked about removing the Jews from society. The 39-year-old even promised he would donate his first paycheck from The Masked Singer to the center.

As it was previously reported, Nick found himself in serious trouble this past week due to his response to old remarks from the 59-year-old, Richard Griffin, who formerly was a member of the hip-hop group, Public Enemy.

Griffin, also known as "Professor Griffin," lost his job working with the band in 1989 regarding anti-Semitic remarks he made at the time. Mr. Cannon and Griff referenced conspiracy theories regarding Jewish people, including the idea that the United States is controlled by the Jews, and that the World Wars were caused by them.

Furthermore, Cannon spoke on the idea that African-Americans were the "true Hebrews," and even praised Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader who has repeatedly slammed the Jews. Not long after he lost his job with ViacomCBS, Nick apologized.

Cannon claimed, "anyone who knows" him would vouch for the fact he doesn't have any hate in his heart, moreover, Nick said he didn't "condone hate speech." Later, he released a series of tweets in which he apologized once again.

Not long after, ViacomCBS confirmed he would no longer work with the company following his decades-long relationship with them. Fox, on the other hand, said he would continue as the host of The Masked Singer.

Fox wrote in their statement that Nick had "sincerely apologized" and was doing everything in his power to make things right. It was also reported that Nick met up with a Rabbi to talk about his views.

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