Jeffree Star Speaks Out Again Following His Apology - Says It's Ok To Make Mistakes

Jeffree Star Speaks Out Again Following His Apology - Says It's Ok To Make Mistakes
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Jeffree Star's controversy isn't over yet. Just Jared picked up on a YouTube video from the beauty vlogger in which he spoke on the recent scandals in which he has been embroiled. Fans of the media figure know he recently apologized for facilitating the drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

According to Just Jared, he took to his Instagram Story on the 24th of July to talk with his fans. Star s aid in his video that there are a lot of people out there in the world who are more concerned about what other people are doing rather than their own situation.

Star claimed his primary concern was his own well-being and that of his family, noting the craziness of 2020. Star went on to say he has just been focusing on those around him in his immediate circle. He said, "you gotta make sure everyone's good."

According to the vlogger, he has been "getting back on track" and feels amazing about it. "It's okay to f*ck up," Star added, before going on to say he has taken responsibility for his actions, and everyone should do the same for themselves.

Star did emphasize, however, the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions rather than something another person has done. As it was previously reported, Star found himself involved in another scandal after Tati Westbrook claimed she had been gas-lighted into a beef with James Charles.

It was easily the most controversial YouTube scandal last year. Star has also come under fire for other reasons in 2020, including allegations of racism, for which he lost a business deal with the make-up retailer, Morphe.

The company released a statement claiming they were no longer going to work with him on account of the accusations. Back in June, it was reported that Mr. Star suddenly lost 100,000 subscribers due to allegations of antisemitism.

Star reportedly use a Nazi theme to market a makeup line, and the backlash cost him many fans on Google's streaming platform, YouTube.

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