Dave Franco Will Star As Vanilla Ice In New Biopic

Dave Franco Will Star As Vanilla Ice In New Biopic
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According to multiple reports, Dave Franco, the younger brother of the Planet of The Apes star, James Franco, will star in a new biopic about the rapper, Vanilla Ice, who became a household name in the early 1990s as hip-hop gained in popularity.

Reportedly, Dave will star in the new film, To The Extreme , which will explore the life and times of Vanilla Ice. During a chat with reporters from Insider, Franco dished on his role in the new movie. Franco claimed the film has been "in development for a while," but they are coming closer to finishing it all the time.

According to the actor, To The Extreme will have a similar tonality and vibe as The Disaster Artist which starred James Franco as Tommy Wiseau as he and his team created the cult classic, The Room , which has gone down in history as one of the best bad movies of all time.

The Disaster Artist was based on a book written by one of the crew members who worked on the set of the film, created by Tommy Wiseau. After the film became a cult classic over the years, the book also picked up in popularity.

Dave explained the process of making The Disaster Artist, arguing how it was supposed to be a comedy in which they made fun of Tommy Wiseau, but as they played it closer to reality, it became more heartfelt. This is the same tone they want for To The Extreme as well.

Amid his time in quarantine on account of the pandemic, Dave said he has spoken with Vanilla Ice a number of times on the phone, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle. The actor explained how Rob has been such a great guy to work with.

Dave says the process of "getting all the details correct" and staying close to the truth about information the public has never learned, has been a great experience for him.

Franco went on to say that he "can't help but think" about the "rabbit holes" he's going to travel down for the upcoming film.

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