Jeffree Star Reveals Why His New Palette Has Been Canceled

Jeffree Star Reveals Why His New Palette Has Been Canceled
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Jeffree Star has some good news and bad news. The notorious YouTuber recently explained why his upcoming palette was put on hold, and also dished on new exciting releases he has in store. Just Jared reported on a new video from the internet marketer in which he announced a series of updates.

Reportedly, Jeffree unveiled a fresh batch of April, 20th-themed products for the international pot-smoking holiday, where marijuana users all over North America celebrate the notorious herb. Among these products include a cannabis-themed mirror and other items.

Furthermore, Jeffree stated he would be giving $2,500 to ten different people and another $5,000 to two others through his Cash App. As most know, the world is currently fighting back against the coronavirus, and this is just one way the YouTuber has been helping out.

In addition to sharing how he's been helping out lately, Jeffree explained why he postponed a product launch that was previously scheduled for the 24th of April. Jeffree conceded that it wasn't marijuana-related, in fact, it had an entirely different vibe and theme.

According to Star, the timing just isn't right for a big new collection, and it didn't feel like the right action for him to take. And even if he wanted too, by the way, he couldn't because the manufacturing sector he relies on is closed.

Star explained that many of the factories are in the United States and several of them are in Italy. On account of the delays, Jeffree revealed, he can't begin the manufacturing process. Star went on to confirm that he has intentions of releasing it in May, but he's not sure if he'll be able too.

It depends on the pandemic and how the United States responds to it over the next few weeks. Star also commented on his collaboration with Shawn Dawson following the success of their Conspiracy palette.

Despite Jeffree's success, he has come upon hard times in his personal life in recent months, including when he and his boyfriend, Nathan, broke up.

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