Kenya Moore Shares The Secrets To Having Such Great, Youthful Skin!

Kenya Moore Shares The Secrets To Having Such Great, Youthful Skin!
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Kenya Moore always looks stunning, be it in her glamorous shots for the Real Housewives of Atlanta or in her makeup-free shots from quarantine! The beautiful reality TV star is 49 years old but still looks really youthful so it makes sense a lot of fans have been wondering what her secret is!

Finally, during a new interview, Kenya revealed what she does to keep her skin looking fresh!

‘To start with, obviously hydration — it’s really important during this time to stay hydrated and healthy,’ she stated via HollywoodLife, adding that she drinks plenty of water to flush out the toxins and keep her skin supple.

‘So I think that just keeping your skin hydrated, working out, and trying to try to eat as healthy as you can…but hydration, I'd say, is number one,’ she went on to mention.

Kenya also told the news outlet that while she gets her glam makeup done for the show, in reality, she doesn’t wear a lot of it so that helps her skin as well.

‘I just do not really wear makeup. Unless I am just feeling bored one day and I am like, ‘Oh, I want to treat myself to a face today’ [I keep my skin] clean. I make sure that I don’t sleep in makeup, that I do a thorough cleansing and moisturizing before I go to bed. So, you know, keep it simple.’

Previously, the reality TV celeb has promoted one single skin product on her IG account and that is Ocean Remedies Krill Oil.

The supplement is supposed to contain multiple omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and many other benefic ingredients and she swears by it.

During the interview, she stressed once again that ‘I don’t think you need a lot of crazy products.’

Just this one has apparently done wonders for her complexion, nails and hair!

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