Concerned Nick Cannon Fans Reach Out To Him After He Shared This Scary Message

Concerned Nick Cannon Fans Reach Out To Him After He Shared This Scary Message
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Fans are worried about the mental health of Nick Cannon , who opened up about being suicidal in an emotional post about losing a close friend.

Nick, who was having a complicated week following the backlash for comments on his podcast that led to him getting fired from one of his hosting gigs, learned the passing of rapper Ryan Bowers.

While mourning his pal, the TV personality explained that he is depressed and hinted that he is thinking about taking his own life.

Following the troubling message, fans reached out to Nick to share words of encouragement.

One person said: "Your purpose is greater than your pain. You’re going through some dark times right now and that is apart of the human experience. Allow yourself to have these weak moments but don’t allow them to turn into a weak mindset."

This fan wrote: "I felt that. And I also heard your cry for help. I am no one in the world compared to you, so how can I help you???😢 I can pray for you, and ask God to carry you through your struggles. Because this too shall pass. You will rise from the ashes. You will not let this break you.. too many people depend on you. I hope and pray your friends and family see your cry for help in this post and comfort you, guide you and reassure you.. There is Power and Strength in you.. Don't dare let them think they can take that from you... consider this Day your REBIRTH. What do you want to accomplish from today forward make a plan and get to work... You can do ANYTHING. You've proved that already. #therebirthofNickCanon"

This supporter claimed: "We need to be more sensitive to people's feelings and emotions! We never know what someone is really going through. It wasn’t a hint. He was pretty clear. I hope he’s surrounded by an amazing support system. I am sending him all my love during this time! ❤️"

A fourth comment read: "Nick sounds like he is on edge. Family and close friends, please check on him. Nick, if you see this, keep pushing. Don’t give up. God will see you through this, and we stand with you 1000%."

This social media user added: "Come on, Nick, get it together, man! It's just a bump in the road. During these sad times in our world, everyone has a bag of crap that they are carrying around. Hoping you can turn it around!"

Supporters are rooting for the comedian.

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