Mother Of Depp's Children Vanessa Pardis Will Back Up Johnny Depp During Amber Heard Defamation Court Battle

Mother Of Depp's Children Vanessa Pardis Will Back Up Johnny Depp During Amber Heard Defamation Court Battle
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Fans of Johnny Depp know that the tide has turned in terms of the public's perception of the Secret Window alum. Last week, Winona Ryder, who was once engaged to Mr. Depp, confirmed she would testify in the court case involving Depp and Amber Heard over an op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post, accusing Johnny of abuse.

When the news of their divorce went public, the release of a video recording featured Johnny becoming upset while pouring himself a glass of wine. Their relationship's collapse soon became very public. Afterward, Amber wrote an op-ed but didn't name Johnny directly.

While she never revealed the man's identity, it was widely assumed to be him. Since then, Depp has been engaged in a defamation lawsuit against Heard. Cover Media reports that yet another woman has come out of the woodwork to defend him, Vanessa Paradis.

Additionally, it was reported earlier this year that Penelope Cruz also came out to defend the Pirates of the Caribbean alum. Vanessa, the French actress who is the mother of two of his children, is just one of three women to publicly support the actor.

Vanessa, who dated him for nearly 15 years, joined the aforementioned actresses in defense of the actor after he accused her of lying about him in the press to further her own career as a victim of domestic abuse.

Documents acquired by The Blast describe Vanessa as saying that Johnny was a "kind" and "attentive" father. While celebrity separations often lead to bitter battles, Paradis' comments were glowing.

The actress described him as a "laid-back" man whose reputation as a great person to work with helped him immensely in the Hollywood industry.

Initially, the backlash against Depp for being a supposed domestic abuser was quite fierce, including many in the entertainment industry who called for his exile. However, when recordings of Heard admitting to hitting him went public, the perception of the domestic abuse case quickly turned the other way.

As it was noted above, Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she described herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse."

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