Winona Ryder Backs Up Johnny Depp Amid His Defamation Legal Battle With Amber Heard

Winona Ryder Backs Up Johnny Depp Amid His Defamation Legal Battle With Amber Heard
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Winona Ryder has clearly chosen sides between the former lovers, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Page Six has learned. Reportedly, the 48-year-old actress submitted a declaration on the Pirates of the Caribbean alum's behalf amid his defamation lawsuit with Amber.

Obtained by The Blast, the outlet describes Winona as saying she would never think of Johnny as the type of man to hit a woman in a relationship. Ryder said in her documents that she knew him "very well" many years ago.

They were an item for approximately four years, and she thought of him as a best friend and as a family member. Ryder clearly looks back on her relationship with the acclaimed actor fondly. She wrote in her documents that her romance with him was one of the "most significant" relationships in her life.

Ryder went on to add that when she heard about the allegations, the whole thing seemed unbelievable. According to the actress, the idea of him being a violent person seemed counter-intuitive to her own perception of the actor.

Furthermore, she claimed she never once saw him act violent or abusive to another person. Ryder's statement describing Depp and his behavior was entirely positive, referring to him as a great friend and an incredible person, whom she thought wasn't capable of attacking someone in a fit of rage.

Ryder intends on standing up for Depp in a court of law as a witness if she has to. Fans of Ryder and Depp know they were engaged for around three years after he asked her to marry in the summer months of 1990. Heard and Depp, on the other hand, were together in marriage for two years from 2015 until 2017.

Heard later penned an op-ed for The Washington Times in which she indirectly claimed that Depp was extremely abusive to her. Ryder and Depp were engaged for three years after he proposed in July 1990.

Meanwhile, Heard, 33, and Depp were married from 2015 until 2017. While she never identified him specifically, it was widely believed to be in reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

In her court filings, Heard accused Depp of choking, slapping, and pulling on her hair. She also described him as an abusive alcoholic who regularly took drugs.

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