Mike Johnson Confirms That He And Demi Lovato Have Been Hanging Out

Mike Johnson Confirms That He And Demi Lovato Have Been Hanging Out
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Mike Johnson recently confirmed that he and Demi Lovato were out on a date together. The 31-year-old star of The Bachelorette said to reporters from Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that he and Demi have been talking closely.

Johnson confirmed to the outlet that he and Demi "went out on a date," adding that she was an "amazing" and "astounding" woman. Johnson claimed that was all he could say on the topic. Moreover, the reality star apparently adores the pop-star and even said they have a very tight connection.

Johnson went on to refer to Demi as "humble," "really fun," "really cool," and a "down-to-earth" individual. According to Mike, he and the pop-star talked about some "real s**t" and it was a pleasure to hang around her.

Johnson went on to say that he and Demi were not ready to put a label on their relationship yet because, at the moment, they're still exploring each other's personalities. The couple was spotted on the 13th of September in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Previously, Lovato and Johnson flirted with each other after Demi expressed her interest in him while he was competing for the love of Hannah Brown during the 15th season of The Bachelorette. The singer wrote in an Instagram post during July that she "accepted" his rose.

In July, Johnson took to his Twitter account to ask if there was a girl out there who was ready for him to love and appreciate them. It appears as though Demi was looking for just that.

Earlier this year, Johnson said to reporters from Us Weekly that he was interested in reaching out to the pop-star.

He said to reporters from Us Weekly that he was ready to go on a date with her; "100%" ready. On the 5th of September, Johnson flirted with her more after he commented on the star's Instagram. Earlier this week, Rachel Lindsay, the 2017 star of The Bachelorette, claimed that The Bachelor made a mistake by not making Mr. Johnson as this year's Bachelor.

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