Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Says He Liked Women

Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Says He Liked Women
Credit: Source: Page Six

Bill Whitman, Michael Jackson's former bodyguard appeared on the Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo for an episode titled "Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days." The interview follows the volcanic HBO documentary Leaving Neverland where accusers Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck made allegations that Michael Jackson molested them when they were young children.

Whitman described Michael Jackson as a man who was into women, though he didn't have any "hook up" stories that Breslo was after. Whitman said he knew that Michael Jackson made comments about being sexually attracted to women, but he never witnessed MJ bringing women home or having them in his bedroom.

Though Whitman didn't have any evidence that Michael Jackson had been intimate with the women he found attractive, he emphatically stated that he did not believe Wade Robson or Jimmy Safechuck or their accounts of Michael Jackson abusing them.

Michael Jackson was married twice: Once to Lisa Marie Presley and then to Debbie Rowe. He was also said to be romantically linked or attracted to Tatum O'Neal, Diana Ross, and Brooke Shields.

Lisa Marie Presley has stated she does not believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

You may hear the interview with Bill Whitman and Jim Breslo in the video player below.

Scrutiny surrounding Michael Jackson's personal life has been at an all-time high since L eaving Neverland and Oprah Winfrey's follow up After Neverland.

His family is fighting back by giving many interviews and using social media platforms to proclaim Michael Jackson's innocence. Most vocal in his corner is his nephew Taj Jackson and niece Bandi Jackson. Not only do they back up claims that Michael Jackson was heterosexual, but Brandi Jackson challenged Wade Robson's story.

According to Brandi Jackson, she dated Wade Robson throughout the years he stated he was being sexually abused.

Leaving Neverland created immediate controversy and has had a fallout on Michael Jackson's legacy. His fans who truly support him have risen up to defend his reputation. Some who used to be fans have changed sides and now believe Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck.

What do you think about the interview and the news that Michael Jackson was straight? Did you watch Leaving Neverland ? What were your thoughts?


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