Meghan Markle Talks About Balancing Career And Family During 'Ladies Who Launch' Meeting In South Africa

Meghan Markle Talks About Balancing Career And Family During 'Ladies Who Launch' Meeting In South Africa
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Meghan Markle met with women business leaders at the private “Ladies Who Launch” meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, during her and Prince Harry’s royal tour, and the Duchess of Sussex opened up about everything from motherhood to her duties as a member of the royal family.

During her chat with female founders of tech companies, Markle discussed both the importance of education for girls and being role models for boys.

“We both have sons, and we were bearing in mind that we are not just role models for girls but boys — and not just our sons, but generally in public too,” said Naadiya Moosajee, co-founder of Womhub and WomEng, which has programs that encourage females to pursue STEM careers.

Moosajee says that talking with the Duchess didn’t feel hierarchical, like she was in a room with royalty. Instead, it was a group of women gathering to talk about the struggles they have and the things they need to do to move forward and grow and change their societies.

Matsi Modise, founder of Simodisa - a skills training company - says that Markle talked about being a mom to Archie Harrison, her duties as the Duchess of Sussex, and “fulfilling what her heart desires.” Modise says that Markle emphasized being true to who you are, and she can’t ignore her own desires just because she’s become part of the royal family.

As People Magazine points out, Markle has campaigned for the empowerment of girls and women for the majority of her adult life, well before she married Prince Harry. And, now that she is a royal, it’s important to the Duchess to keep championing those issues.

Modise also shared that Markle inspired the ladies to usher a path for everyone else, and keep pushing and going forward, knowing that you are doing it for others who will follow. Modise says that Markle wasn’t referring to being a royal, but to the challenges you have in life.

Modise admits she was “awestruck” and “a bit nervous” when she met Markle. She says that a lot of the women at the meeting have done amazing things as founders, but meeting a royal was “quite daunting.” However, she says that the Duchess “radiates grace” and that made it easy for them.

“She is an easy-going royal!” said Modise about Meghan Markle.

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