Meghan Markle Is Going To The US Open - But Not For The Reason You'd Think

Meghan Markle Is Going To The US Open - But Not For The Reason You'd Think
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According to Page Six, Meghan Markle is on her way to the US Open this weekend to watch Serena Williams, a close friends of hers, however, a source who spoke with the outlet claims she's going to New York for other reasons.

Reportedly, Meghan and Harry became the subject of social media backlash after they took a private plane this past summer. Moreover, Meghan supposedly prohibited other Wimbledown attendees from snapping photos of her.

The insider said Meghan is coming to New York to get away from the supposed backlash she caused by barring people from taking pictures of her at the British sporting event. The source states that Meghan is coming to the US Open but with two police officers working as her security guards.

The insider added that she won't be able to stop people from taking photos of her. Regarding their private jet trip, Markle and Prince Harry, who happen to be environmentalists, took a trip on a private plane to Elton John's home in France, despite the fact private jets are a cause of massive carbon emissions.

In response, John came out to defend both parties, arguing that it was completely necessary for the sake of Meghan and Harry's safety. Regarding her location this weekend, Kensington Palace representatives said to Page Six that Meghan would be going to the US Open.

Furthermore, the British Embassy also said they've been notified of a VIP taking a trip. Some fans on social media have asked what they'll do with their four-month-old child, Archie. The US Open trip will mark their fourth trip without their baby.

Previously, Markle traveled to New York back in February for her baby shower, which supposedly "alienated" other members of the Kensington Palace. Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana's former aide, said that both respect for privacy, and dignity, are essential traits for a royal family member.

Jephson added that the fact Meghan and her friends "don't understand this" is a cause of concern in terms of her future as a British royal.

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