Hilary Duff Dishes On New Makeup Line With Nudestix And If She Is Ditching Younger For Lizzie McGuire Reboot

Hilary Duff Dishes On New Makeup Line With Nudestix And If She Is Ditching Younger For Lizzie McGuire Reboot
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Hillary Duff is dishing all about her new makeup line with Nudestix, as well as if she is ditching Younge r for the Lizzie McGuire reboot.

The blonde beauty is one busy lady these days. Not only has Duff become an in-demand actress, but she just revealed she is venturing into the beauty industry with a new fall makeup collection.

It is a collaboration with Nudestix, the family-owned beauty line that releases all its products in the form of makeup sticks. The Daydreamer Palette will be featured on the company's website and features everything a person needs to achieve an effortless look.

Products in the palette include Nudies Matte All-Over Blush, Glow All-Over Highlighter, three Magnetic Luminous Eye Colors, and Gel Color Lip and Cheek Balm.

"I'm a California girl, and everything is like, bronze-y and golden, and I'm sick of that. I want my sweater, and I want pearlized tones. The colors were a nod to the fall. There are a lot of pink and ethereal tones in there," Duff shared with Women's Wear Daily .

The actress pitched the idea of a capsule collection to Nudestix after she realized her own beauty collection was full of their products.

"They were excited I was investing, but I definitely pitched myself to them for the capsule. I had everything that I wanted, like tones and a few of my favorite products I wanted to base them off of, and they were like, 'OK, you have a very clear vision of what you want.' And that's how the process started," the mother of two revealed.

Along with launching her collection this fall, Duff will soon begin filming on the Lizzie McGuire reboot. Her reprising the infamous role had Younger fans wondering if she is leaving the show, especially after the crazy finale this week.

Duff revealed to Entertainment Tonight  she is thrilled to have the opportunity to act on both shows. Viacom signed a waiver that allowed her to step back into the role of Lizzie McGuire, while still playing Kelsey Peters on the TV Land hit summer sitcom.

It is music to Younger fan's ears, who took to social media after the Season 6 finale to express their concern over her possible departure.

She is going to be filming two TV shows soon, but that hasn't stopped Hilary Duff from also launching a makeup line. Those interested in her new venture can check it out when it drops on Nudestix, September 10th.


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