Hilary Duff's Husband Pays The Most Adoring Wedding Anniversary Tribute To Her!

Hilary Duff's Husband Pays The Most Adoring Wedding Anniversary Tribute To Her!
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A year has already passed since Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma tied the knot and now, he is celebrating the milestone! That being said, the man took to social media earlier today, to share a really sweet tribute to his significant other!

Koma was happy to talk about this first year of marriage with the actress!

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While 2020 has been a really challenging one for everyone out there, it's safe to say that for these two, things have been much easier to deal with precisely because they were together through it all!

Alongside a black and white pic of Hilary and he in their wedding attire from their nuptials, Matthew wrote: 'Happy Anniversary Ba....One year ago today looked a lot different.'

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Koma had to stress that the gorgeous wedding picture was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and made such events pretty much impossible.

He went on to sweetly write that 'I cannot imagine this last year without you to Clorox groceries and to avoid the world with. When I asked you to be my wife, we had no idea that our first year would look like this...They always say that 'the first year is the hardest', but in our case it was for a completely different reason and I am so in awe of your badassery.'

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Koma then shared all the reasons why he is so in awe at his pregnant wife, who is currently expecting their second addition to the family and her third child in total!

'How you are able to be the mom, individual, the wife, spirit, and the tie dye influencer that you are, while making it look easy is mind boggling and I do not know what I did so right to deserve being on the receiving end of it. Thank you for being the most steady, most supportive, empathetic, loving, and passionate.'


For more of his amazing compliments, check out the full post caption above!


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