Hilary Duff Might Be Coming Back To Music; She Wants To Collab With The Jonas Brothers

Hilary Duff Might Be Coming Back To Music; She Wants To Collab With The Jonas Brothers
Credit: Emma McIntyre

Hilary Duff might classify as everyone's favorite child and adult actor. She's been in the acting industry since she was a toddler and has grown up in the spotlight. Hilary is not only known for her acting career but she's also an exceptionally talented singer as well. Many of her fans have grown with her and so they have a special kind of attachment to her because she inspired them in everyday life.

The Jonas Brothers have made their fame through their acting in Disney Channel shows and movies. They also have a big music career because of their incredible singing together. They have split up the band since first starting it and are now pursuing music individually.

Fans were wondering if Hilary Duff and the Jonas Brothers had worked together in the past. However, it seems like that is not the case although Hilary has said that it would be a dream come true for her if they did.

She stated in an interview that a collab would be so nice and that she loved the Jonas brothers . She also added that she and her husband Matthew Kona were friendly with the Jonas Brothers. She did say that she didn't see them that often however they were still on very good terms.

She mentioned that the collab idea had come into her head after a prank done by her husband where he cut out pictures of the Jonas Brothers and put them all over their house.

Hilary also stated that there might be a possibility of more music from her in the future. But she did say that right now acting and being a mother was at the top of her priority list.

Hilary said that she had to act in the second season of "How I Met Your Mother" but had contracted Covid. Fans were really worried for her however she seemed to recover just fine.


The collab between Hilary and the Jonas Brothers would break the internet in the eyes of the world. Fans are so excited about the possibility of it happening. Fans believe that together, the two parties could make amazing music.

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