Dua Lipa Hosted A Mini Rave To Celebrate New Puma Collection In East London

Dua Lipa Hosted A Mini Rave To Celebrate New Puma Collection In East London
Credit: Dave J Hogan

Dua Lipa is one of the rising pop stars in the world and she has truly made a name for herself with all of the songs she has put out in the last year. Not only does Dua Lipa kill it in the singing industry, but she's also one of the best-dressed artists in the industry. She has her unique style and fans love to see her be herself through her clothes.

Recently, Dua Lipa launched her line Flutur 2 with Puma which was a huge accomplishment for her. She put a lot of work and energy into making sure the launch was as great as it seemed.

To celebrate her success, she had an intimate dinner and a small party underground In London at the modern European restaurant Bistrotheque. For the occasion, Dua wore something from the launch which included the colored block cropped jacket as well as the matching track pants. To accessorize, she wore a pair of platform sneakers in black and silver jewelry. She also carried an aquamarine mini bag to complete the look.

Dua looked stunning in her minimal but beautiful makeup and her hair was blowdried to perfection. She had invited her close friends as well as London-based creatives. After the guests had eaten heirloom burrata salad and bouillabaisse alongside the wine, they went underground where the real party was.

The people invited danced to many songs including throwback tracks from Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. The collection is stunning and Dua looked beautiful wearing it. The collection includes a butterfly motif on most of the pieces. This is meant to represent rebirth.

Dua herself has said that the butterfly is very special to her since drop 1. She spoke about how in this drop, the meaning she held behind butterflies had just solidified and she was so proud of this collection.


Fans were also very proud of Dua as they believe she's expanding on her career and growing as a person. She's known as one of the most popular people in the world right now and watching her grow into an incredible woman has been one of the best things fans have experienced.

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