Meghan Markle Is 'Disturbingly Self-Confident' And Has 'Parallels' With Princess Diana Claims Royal Insider

Meghan Markle Is 'Disturbingly Self-Confident' And Has 'Parallels' With Princess Diana Claims Royal Insider
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One of Princess Diana’s confidantes, Lady Colin Campbell, is speaking out about Meghan Markle , and she says that the Duchess of Sussex is “disturbingly self-confident” and also has “discomforting parallels” with her late friend. While the two royals have many similarities, Lady Colin says that there are differences, and Markle needs to understand that she represents “all of the people.”

Lady Colin is an author who has published three books about the royal family, and she says that Markle should avoid becoming a political activist, and she needs to know when to “keep her mouth shut.” The 69-year-old explained to the Independent that Markle is a lot like Princess Diana because they were “both bright, ambitious, canny women who have known how to play the game.”

However, Lady Colin says that there is one big difference between the two women - education.

“Meghan is much better educated and more academic. Meghan is almost disturbingly self-confident. We must hope she realizes that her vision is no the only vision,” said Lady Colin.

She revealed that Diana suffered from “insecurities,” and she is afraid that Markle could fall into the same trap that Diana fell into. Lady Colin explained that Diana had psychological instability, and she hopes that Markle doesn’t have this problem because she could hit buffers as Diana did.

Lady Colin believes that Markle could run into some big problems because there are many conservative and religious people all over the world, and they don’t have the same “woke” views as Markle.

The author says that Markle does have good qualities, and in some ways, she is superior to Harry because of her intelligence and strong will. But, being a royal means that Markle has to act a certain way, and that could cause her problems.

Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell has echoed that sentiment, saying that Markle needs to “tow the party line if she is to last.” He explained that Markle doesn’t need to be on TV and in newspapers every day, and she needs to “rein it in.” Burrell says that when someone joins the royal family, they have to give up a lot.

To further his point, Burrell said that there is a clear line between being a celebrity and a royal, and Meghan Markle “doesn’t know the difference.”

Burrell says that royal fans are just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out because there is a “fiery, tempestuous comet streaking through the royal family.”


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