Ariana Grande To Trademark Her 'Thank U, Next' Catchphrase!

Ariana Grande To Trademark Her 'Thank U, Next' Catchphrase!
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At this point, everyone associates the ‘Thank U, Next’ expression with none other than Ariana Grande! After all, her song with the same title is pretty iconic!

That being said, the singer has reportedly decided to make it official and trademark it!

E! News reports that Grande has already submitted all the necessary papers to trademark the phrase ‘Ariana Grande Thank U, Next’ so that it includes her name as well.

The news outlet has obtained the application in which it is specified that Ari wants to use the phrase for a number of different products including body lotions, perfume and cologne, shower, and bath gels, body powders, body scrubs, as well as body mist.

In other words, it sounds like her dedicated fans will be getting some awesome new stuff from their favorite artist very soon!

As you know, Ariana has been through a lot in the past year but when she released the song and album, both titled Thank U, Next, she started feeling much better.

Not too long after it was dropped, her brother Frankie shared with E! News that it made her feel ‘empowered.’

‘I am incredibly proud of my sister. This project that she's been working on, it is from the heart. If you listen to the lyrics...I sobbed and cried the first time that she played it for me. When she sang 'I met someone else / And her name is Ari,' I wept. Because it is a message of self-love!’

He went on to say that ‘if you do not put yourself first, then no other relationship really matters, and no other relationship's going to work. To hear that being said by her is beautiful.’ Indeed, it is!

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