Meghan Markle Emotionally Reacts To Being A New Mom In The Media Spotlight

Meghan Markle Emotionally Reacts To Being A New Mom In The Media Spotlight
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According to a report from Page Six, Meghan Markle nearly started to cry when she was asked about the pain of being in the media spotlight as a brand new mother, in addition to being in the royal family at a particularly vulnerable time in her life.

The 38-year-old actress said to Tom Bradby from ITV News that when a woman is pregnant, they're especially vulnerable, and compounded with media spotlight criticism, the experience could be very alienating. The interview is scheduled to air this coming Sunday.

The actress added that it was especially troublesome considering she just had a baby, so as a woman, it's a lot to work through. Moreover, she just got married last year. Meghan, who married Prince Harry back in May of 2018, was asked by Bradby if she was doing alright, and she thanked him sincerely for actually asking.

Meghan thanked Bradby for asking, and added, "because not many people have asked if I'm ok," but her pain and struggle of going through all of the new changes in her life in front of millions of people, potentially even billions of people, has been difficult.

Bradby also asked her if it was "fair to say" if she wasn't doing alright and was going through a rough time, and Meghan responded, "yes." Not long before, Prince Harry released a statement regarding the British tabloids in which he excoriated them for the way they've treated Meghan recently.

Moreover, the Duke Of Sussex referenced the death of his mother, Princess Diana, who passed away in 1997 while being chased by paparazzi in Paris, France.

The 35-year-old Duke wrote in his statement that he already has experience with this kind of thing before when someone he loves is "commoditized" to the point of diminishing their status as a human in the eyes of the press.

As it was previously reported, Meghan and Harry had their first baby, the 5-month-old Archibald, back in May of this year. During her pregnancy, Meghan was rarely in the public eye.

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