Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Put On A United Front At Trooping The Color Despite Family Feud

Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Put On A United Front At Trooping The Color Despite Family Feud
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Despite rumors of a feud swirling for months, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton put on a united front during their recent appearance at Trooping the Color - Queen Elizabeth’s public birthday celebration. Meghan and Kate joined Prince Harry and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as they rode in a horse-drawn carriage to the event, and then the entire royal family stood together on the palace balcony to watch the Royal Air Force flyover. Was this all for show? Or, has the royal foursome of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle , Prince William, and Kate Middleton finally made amends?

“Everybody was smiling and looked happy,” journalist Emma Forbes told People Magazine. “It was a real moment of continuity.”

Another eyewitness saw Meghan and Kate talking to each other and getting along, and Forbes says that the Duchess of Cambridge has been a great role model for the Duchess of Sussex during her first year as part of the royal family.

“I think in the beginning, Kate was really sweet,” says Forbes. “Meghan doesn’t come from that or wasn’t born into that type of lifestyle, so I think Kate was very much a role model in the beginning of what you do. I mean, imagine how daunting it must be to go from being an actress to being a part of the English royal family and knowing exactly what to do at events.”

There were no signs of animosity between Meghan and Kate or Harry and William during the event, even though last month the two royal brothers announced they were dissolving their Royal Foundation charity that they started together more than a decade ago.

As fans know, Harry and Meghan have also moved out of the palace and into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, and the two couples have separated their social media accounts. But, an insider says that all of this is a “natural progression,” as the two brothers have their own families now, plus they have very different futures ahead of them.

William will one day be King - as will his son, Prince George - while Harry and Meghan will continue their charity work for causes that are important to them. They will also be raising their son, Archie Harrison, away from the royal spotlight.

Baby Archie wasn’t at Trooping the Color since he is only one month old. But, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids - Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis - were front and center at the event, which marked Prince Louis’ first official appearance as a royal.

Trooping the Color was Meghan Markle’s first public appearance since introducing Archie Harrison to the world. And, even though she is officially on maternity leave, reports have surfaced that claim she will attend the Wimbledon tennis tournament next month at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London. However, she will not carry out any official duties.


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