Max Ehrich Reportedly Believes - Ironically - That Demi Lovato Is Using Their Split For 'Clout'

Max Ehrich Reportedly Believes - Ironically - That Demi Lovato Is Using Their Split For 'Clout'
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Max Ehrich reportedly believes that Demi Lovato is using their split for publicity. Page Six reported on comments from the actor this week in which he accused Demi of "exploiting" their breakup for clout, however, as the outlet noted, Demi is a lot more famous than he is.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter showed off her brand new hairdo on Instagram and her ex-fiancé used the opportunity to call her out for her supposed exploitative behavior. It all started when Demi commented on the fact she was "unengaged" while at the People's Choice Awards this Sunday night.

Max responded to her with the remark, "stop talking about me on the award show. Thanks. " As it was already noted above, the 29-year-old Young and The Restless star is significantly less famous than she is, so the idea that Demi was using his name for "clout" is absurd.

Many of Demi's fans were quick to point out the irony as well, including some of the other reasons that the actor was in the headlines earlier in the year. For instance, Max went back to the beach where he proposed to Demi and cried in the sand in front of the paparazzi.

Additionally, he pleaded for her attention on social media and kissed another girl, Mariah Angeliq, in front of more paparazzi photographers. Demi, on the other hand, has been way more busy working on her career including new music and hosting award shows.

Fans of the pop star know she has had a rough time over the last couple of years, including when she was hospitalized for a drug overdose. As for her relationship with Max, sources previously claimed that Demi's family was thrilled she was no longer dating him.

Apparently, when her family found out she and Max called off their engagement, they told her "good riddance," because they always thought he was strange. This all comes after Max reportedly got busted making sexual comments on social media about other pop stars.


This was before Max and Demi called it off for good, and Demi even addressed it on her social media, claiming the comments were fake.

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