Sean Combs Says That Living With The Amish As A Teenager Changed His Life

Sean Combs Says That Living With The Amish As A Teenager Changed His Life
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P. Diddy made a surprising revelation this week regarding his childhood. Sean Combs , who once joked about changing his name to Sean Brotherly Love Combs, said that he once lived in an Amish community for a couple of months during the summertime.

During his appearence at the Fresh Air Fund's event this weekend, the music mogul introduced himself as "Sean Love Combs," before going on to say that he is a former Fresh Air Fund kid. Combs explained how he didn't have any "summer camps" where he grew up in Harlem.

According to the hip-hop icon, while staying at a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, Sean learned to play tennis. Sean explained that he was with an Amish family for a few months, and there was no electricity or anything of the sort. It taught him how to "survive," the rapper remarked.

Sean said the number one thing he learned from the experience was that everything was going to be alright no matter what, even if there was no power. Additionally, Mariah Carey was there at the event.

Combs went on to say he had a great idea, which was to create a summer camp for kids where they can feel safe, have fun, and also walk away with a valuable lesson. Fans of the hip-hop mogul know he doesn't always appear in the headlines unless it's for a speaking engagement or some other type of event.

Famously, Sean appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he said that he wasn't scared of "clowns" because black men in America had more things to be worried about.

Ellen then had a scary clown jump out of a box which scared P. Diddy right up out of his seat. Sean is also famous for appearing in a few films as well, including Get Him To The Greek starring Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, and more.


Sean portrayed the record label owner and Jonah's employer, Sergio, in a critically acclaimed role. He was praised for his sense of comedic timing and acting chops as well.

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