Madonna Makes Powerful Statement Against Gun Violence With Disturbing God Control Video

Madonna Makes Powerful Statement Against Gun Violence With Disturbing God Control Video
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Madonna is making a powerful statement against gun violence with her 'God Control' video.

There is a bloody recreated mass shooting that has fans questioning if the singer went too far this time. Madonna is no stranger to controversy , but this video is being called insensitive, hard to watch and extremely disturbing.

'God Control' is a gospel-infused dance-pop song. The video, however, is a protest to gun violence.

There is a lengthy disco breakdown, as well as firearm blasts throughout the entire video. Madonna is decked out in the 1970s aspired attire hanging out in a nightclub with a slew of friends, including RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 champion Monét X Change.

However, by the end of the night, Madonna and pals find themselves in the middle of a bloody mass shooting. A gunman opens fire on the dance floor, leaving several victims and reminding viewers of the tragic events that unfolded at Pulse nightclub three years ago.

If it is attention to gun violence Madonna wanted, which she clearly did as she has recently talked about fearing for her children safety with the rise in mass shootings, she got it. Social media is abuzz over the video.

Fans all agree it is hard to watch. Despite a warning at the beginning of the video regarding the nature of the context, fans believe it was not sufficient enough for the content.

Several people are praising the signer for once again making a bold statement against a hot button topic.

"It's a terrifying and beautiful message. We're lucky to have @Madonna speaking out when so many choose not to," Tweeted @sdoddsy.

Others though are claiming Madonna is using the subject matter for shock value and deem the video insensitive, as well as not her place to tackle the topic.

"Honestly most people don't need you to tell you what they already know You've trafficked in shock value often for a long time now and that's what this feels like Which would be fine except this is way too important for that And it very well may have the opposite effect you intend," wrote @Rodney4KBluRay.

Madonna's 'God Control' video has people debating its content. The bloody mass shooting hits close to home, which is precisely the point of it.

Those who have watched it, what are your thoughts? Did Madonna go too far?

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