Madonna Bashed For “Rude” Interaction With Sir Ian McKellen On The Graham Norton Show - Piers Morgan Weighs In

Madonna Bashed For “Rude” Interaction With Sir Ian McKellen On The Graham Norton Show - Piers Morgan Weighs In
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Madonna is being bashed by fans on social media for her appearance last night on The Graham Norton Show, especially when it came to her interaction with Sir Ian McKellen.

From the second the Queen of Pop joined Danny Boyle, Lily James, and Himesh Patel on the big red sofa, she oozed attitude. Madge didn't come out until midway through the interview and made it 100% clear she is not used to sharing the spotlight.

Then she poked fun at Graham Norton's suit, as well as attempted to flirt with him. It was all very awkward, and it wasn't even two minutes into what became the rude, obnoxious Madonna show.

Sir Ian McKellen soon joined the crew and got a lot more than he bargained for from the songstress. First, Madonna acted as though they had never met before, which the actor quickly reminder her they had met. Next, she poked fun at his, Sir, title and got offended by his birthday joke.

The interview was horrible, to say the least, with the 60-year-old singer making everyone on set uncomfortable. Madonna, who was there to promote her new album Madame X, came across as entitled, superior and well, a world-class jerk.

Social media put her on blast the minute the interview ended. Piers Morgan was one of the first to slam Madonna, via Twitter.

"Madonna on Norton: rude, vain, obnoxious & looked ridiculous," wrote the Good Morning Brittan host.

"Watched it last night and found it a wee bit cringe, watched it again this morn and found Madonna quite endearing and funny.. just think she was really nervous.. all the haters, try watching it again. #GrahamNorton," Tweeted John.

"Watching Madonna on last night's Graham Norton show. Weird, rude, arrogant, unfunny and dressed like a moron," shared Daniel Winward.

"Catching up on Graham Norton and wow Madonna does not like being upstaged by Ian McKellen. It's hilarious #GrahamNorton.

Madonna is not one for holding back her opinion. She is all about speaking her mind, regardless of the consequences. The singer's interview on The Graham Norton Show last night was no exception.

Not only was she less than thrilled that she was not the only person on the talk show, but Madonna also dared to tango with Sir Ian McKellen. Fans are outraged by her behavior, and it is rightly deserved.

What did you think of the cringe-worthy interview?


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