Macaulay Culkin's Brother Kieran Culkin Addresses Michael Jackson Abuse Claims In Leaving Neverland

Macaulay Culkin's Brother Kieran Culkin Addresses Michael Jackson Abuse Claims In Leaving Neverland
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Macaulay Culkin's brother, Kieran Culkin is finally responding to the Michael Jackson abuse claims in Leaving Neverland .

The controversial HBO documentary has stirred up a lot of reaction since it premiered earlier this year. Macaulay and Kieran spent quality time at Neverland Ranch with Jackson when they were children.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Kieran was asked about Leaving Neverland, and his close friendship with Jackson.

Over the years, reports have surfaced claiming Macaulay and Kieran each slept in the same bed as the King of Pop back in the day. The 36-year-old was also grilled about his thoughts on the sexual abuse allegations from Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

"The only thing I can say is that I can't really say anything and the reason for that is I can't be helpful to anyone. To me, it seems like there's two sides to this thing and because I can't be helpful on one side or the other, anything I say and anything that gets put out in print could only hurt somebody, and there's already a lot of really hurt feelings," he replied.

Kieran tried to explain his reluctance in speaking out on such a hot topic. After all, it is a subject that has directly impacted so many people.

"There are already a lot of people who are in a difficult position, and if I contribute in any way, it's just going to hurt someone because I can't actually help," the Succession actor explained.

Macaulay has stood his ground, defending Jackson. The Home Alone star was even in the courtroom during Jackson's sexual abuse trial.

"At the end of the day, it's almost easy to say it was weird or whatever, but it wasn't because it made sense. At the end of the day, we were friends," Macaulay expressed during an interview on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast Inside of You after Leaving Neverland was released.

Like his older brother Macaulay, Kieran Culkin had a close friendship with singer Michael Jackson throughout their childhood. The two have dealt with the fallout of the HBO documentary differently.

Kieran is choosing not to speak out about Leaving Neverland because he is fearful of hurting someone's feelings. It is a respect factor that is causing him to keep his opinion to himself.

Macaulay, on the other hand, continues to be an avid supporter of Jackson, even after the film raised so many questions about the iconic singer.


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