Kathryn Dennis Says She Still Drinks Alcohol - Her Substance Abuse Issues Are With Marijuana, Not Booze

Kathryn Dennis Says She Still Drinks Alcohol - Her Substance Abuse Issues Are With Marijuana, Not Booze
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According to a report from Page Six, Kathryn Dennis recently admitted that she's not entirely sober, despite finishing a residency in a rehabilitation facility. The Southern Charm star said during the 6th season reunion on Wednesday, "I don't smoke weed or do anything illegal like that."

Dennis claims her issue with substance abuse was with marijuana, rather than alcohol. During an appearence on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen back in May of this year, Dennis reportedly appeared to be intoxicated.

The 28-year-old claims she hasn't actually watched the episode because she's too embarrassed to actually view it. She said to Austin Kroll, her co-star, "don't ever think for a f*cking second you're going to come after me and my sobriety."

Three years ago in 2016, Dennis was demanded to go to a rehabilitation clinic in Malibu, California, as part of her custody arrangement with Thomas Ravenel, her ex-boyfriend. She and Thomas shared a three-year-old son named Julien, and a 5-year-old song named Kensington.

During the 4th season of Southern Charm , the reality star admitted she actually failed a drug test implemented by the state, leading to intense feelings of shame and humiliation. The reality star claimed it was arguably one of the most disappointing moments of her entire life.

Kathryn's substance abuse issues played a role in her custody dispute with Ravenel as well. Back in July of this year, the 57-year-old Southern Charm star claimed Kathryn was addicted to a number of things, including sex, shopping, alcohol, and prescription medications.

Via her lawyer, Dennis denied Thomas' statement, stating that Ravenel's own behavior discredited his allegations against Kathryn. Moreover, Thomas accused Dennis of also buying and selling pharmaceutical drugs, sharing them between show producers, cast members, as well as friends.

Ironically, Thomas has encountered some controversial situations of his own, including sexual assault and rape allegations, for which he was inevitably fired from Southern Charm . Ashley Perkins, the daughter of Debbie Perkins, accused Thomas of assaulting her mother one evening after a Tinder date.

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