Loni Love Still Texts Tamar Braxton: 'I Think It's Time To Really Get Together'

Loni Love Still Texts Tamar Braxton: 'I Think It's Time To Really Get Together'
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Loni Love has been the subject of conversation when it came to theories as to why Tamar Braxton was fired from The Real. Although Tamar has been adamant about wanting Loni to stop talking about her -- Loni is insisting that they should get together to publicly end their beef.

The Braxton sister had already had suspicions that Loni was one of the women who wanted her off the show so she could have the spotlight. However, her suspicions seemed to be confirmed by comedian Cookie Hull who claims that Love sent an email to urge the execs to release the singer while she was on medical leave.

The 48-year-old still claims that she, along with her co-stars, had nothing to do with her getting let go .

In fact, she claims that the power to do something of that sort is way above her pay grade.

While promoting her new book titled I Tried To Change So You Don't Have To, Loni revealed that she still tries to reach out via text message to her former co-star. Unfortunately, the reality star does not respond.

'I just wish her the best. I think she's a powerhouse... But I think it's time to really get together, and she knows that we're not mad at her. We're not upset, it’s just that we just want to clear the record, seriously clear the record. And the only way you're gonna clear the record is if she says something or we all meet and we just have it publicly out there. It doesn't have to happen with any cameras or anything like that. I just want her to know.'

Judging by Tamar's last public response to Loni , the sit-down won't be happening any time soon.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic is making many people realize that life is short -- there may be hope for a reunion one day.

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