Loni Love Shows Off Her Weight Loss Of 37 Pounds

Loni Love Shows Off Her Weight Loss Of 37 Pounds
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After just showing her fabulous weight reduction makeover, Loni Love astonished her admirers.

The comedian, who shed 37 pounds, showed off how her physical attributes altered over the course of four months by uploading before and after photos from prior projects in a Facebook post on September 8.

Love said in the caption, "To date, I'm down 37 lbs (still a long way to go).. the top pic filmed April 2022...," without revealing how she shed the pounds. The bottom image was captured in August 2022; it will air on @mentoringqueens. During the weekend. Check the listings in your area. Take your time and make minor adjustments. You can achieve your objectives.

Many of the 51-year-followers old's praised her for losing weight as they read the post. Along with the congratulations, one person said that Love's upload inspired them to continue on their adventure. You appear wonderful. We appreciate your motivation.

No matter what weight you are, you are incredibly lovely. However, congrats on your change. I am aware that losing weight can be quite difficult, but you are crushing it. I appreciate you being able to inspire people, including me.

Well done. Although you've always had excellent looks, I hope you also feel amazing.

Loni, enter now! We love you no matter what, but we love you even more, when you love the whole you! Keep being kind to yourself; we are here for you. Uphold your fantastic work. Amazing work, A massive deal, weighing 37 pounds. We are pleased with you and your great work.

Several social media users mentioned how they could recognize the distinction in Love's face due to weight loss among the earlier comments. One said, "I can really tell, particularly in your face." Uphold your fantastic work. This is something you can accomplish. Someone remarked, "Yeah, I saw it in your face, lady." Continually strive towards achievement!

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