B. Simone Is Turning Her Mistake Into Free Advice -- Will Offer Free Webinar For Aspiring Business Owners

B. Simone Is Turning Her Mistake Into Free Advice -- Will Offer Free Webinar For Aspiring Business Owners
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B. Simone recently made headlines for copying another content creator's work. The actress isn't just trying to right her wrongs but she is also trying to prevent aspiring business owners from making her same mistake.

B. Simone became a millionaire off of her entrepreneurial projects such as her beauty line and her manifestation journals.

After stating that she would only date a CEO due to her busy lifestyle, a tweet about her book falling apart at the seams went viral. This led to a content creator calling her out for directly copying pages of the manifestation book from her and a fellow writer.

Simone trended on social media for a day or so before s he took to Instagram to explain to her fans that she didn't actually write the format for the planners but instead outsourced her work.

She also explained that she couldn't say too much on the subject because it's now a legal matter.

Now, the Wild N Out crew member has announced that she is going to offer a free webinar with experts from different aspects of starting and running a business that fans can sign up for.

'I had to get away and clear my mind. I’m Sitting reflecting on everything and I’m starting to understanding my purpose even more. I keep reminding minding myself that a delay is never a denial . How can i ask God to use me and expect him to only use me in the ways i want? How can i ask God to use me and i get upset when I’m not being praised or on a pedestal? Sometimes when God uses us we are embarrassed, we are humiliated everything isn’t always glitter and fucking rainbows lol don’t get frustrated with God instead ask him to speak to and through you during your difficult times. God is using me daily and I’m open to letting Him, and being a vessel. My glass is always half way FULL never half way empty . How do you see yours? You all got to see me at my lowest moment, but I promise I wont let it break me.'

The businesswoman went on to say: 'And I never EVER want anyone to experience what I did or make the same mistakes I did. Because of that I put together a FREE webinar for young men and women that will be led by industry experts and people who are very knowledgeable in important topics! I’ve asked them to talk on finances, law, and you guessed, copyright infringement and how not to play yourself. Don’t make my mistakes. Learn from my lesson! Link in my bio to sign up ! I love you all.'

Will you attend her webinar?

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