Loni Love Speaks About Tamar Braxton In Her New Book, And This Is What She Has To Say

Loni Love Speaks About Tamar Braxton In Her New Book, And This Is What She Has To Say
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Loni Love is currently on a promotional tour for her new book and her popular TV show, and while at it the name of her former friend and co-host, Tamar Braxton, has popped up.

The comedian recently did an interview where she was asked to clear up the latest rumor that has been circulating about herself and Tamar's firing from The Real and those pesky emails.

The journalist asked the burning question on fans' minds "I don't know if you want to talk about this or not—but Cookie Hull recently did an interview with Comedy Hype and she made some claims that it was you who wrote an email to get Tamar fired and you wanted to be the only "ghetto" Black girl on the show. You addressed it a little bit on " The Real but didn't say her name. So I wanted to know what you thought about that."

Loni stated that she would never call Tamar a ghetto girl and went on to reveal: "I do have thoughts about that that I addressed in my book. But I will say this, anybody that knows me, knows that I will not describe myself as a ghetto girl. I wouldn't describe Tamar Braxton as a ghetto girl. I might say that we believe in the power of being ourselves. But ghetto girl?! I would never do that. And also, there's a lesson in this. When you try to help people, you have to watch who you help. I've never been against any Black woman. My fans know that. That's the reason why I wrote this book. When you read the book, you will see. I've been trying to get the truth out for years. But here, we dealing with this reality show type [mentality]. I do address that in my book."

Loni also spoke about having Amanda Seales on The Real by saying: "You know, and I don't speak for Amanda, I'm speaking for myself. I want to be clear about that. It is hard coming on a show that has already been established. That's the first thing. It's hard being on a talk show when you've never been on a talk show. It's not a reality show. I think we're used to only seeing Black women on reality shows. You're not seeing more than one Black woman on a talk show. And it's three different Black women right now on "The Real." For Amanda, this is new territory for her. And I think she is actually maneuvering it very well. You have to respect the space that she's in. She studies African American history. There was a reason they put her on the show. And we as a group have no problem with it.Because society looks at Black females like, 'It's gotta be reality. It's got to be drama.' But you also understand the history of the show, "The Real." If we would have started the show differently, then maybe wouldn't be so like, 'Oh, they don't like her.' Stop looking at it as a reality show. Look at it as a talk show. I think also because they put her on the show, some of the fans feel like they're going to get rid of somebody. Nobody knows what is going to happen to "The Real." They put her on, from what we were told, was because they wanted another voice. I agree with that. I like the different voice. I like what she brings. She brings something different. And it shows that not all Black women are alike. And that's what we need. So for Amanda, it's nothing but a learning curve and she'll learn. I talk to her off line and I told her, 'Look at yourself on tv, see how people are receiving you.' But we all have went through it. This is just her period of going through it. And she has a right to be on that show."

Loni's book entitled I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To will be released on May 5.

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