Lil Wayne's Fiancée, La'Tecia Thomas, Is Unashamedly Feminine In New Breathtaking Swimsuit Pictures

Lil Wayne's Fiancée, La'Tecia Thomas, Is Unashamedly Feminine In New Breathtaking Swimsuit Pictures
Credit: Instagram

Lil Wayne's rumored fiancée, La'Tecia Thomas, recently set Instagram on fire, as she showed off her impressive figure with two new swimsuit snaps.

The 29-year-old Australian put her curves on display as she struck a pose while wearing a one-piece bathing suit with a leopard print in various shades of blue.

The fashionable attire allowed the plus-size model to flaunt her ample assets because of its plunging neckline.

Besides, Thomas wore a white cardigan as a complementary piece to her bathing suit that she held around her elbows while posing for the camera.

For the occasion, the model's accessories seemed to be kept to the bare minimum, because besides the small gold earrings, she only wore her usual necklace with the diamond pendant that reads "Carter."

Thomas was in an inspirational mood and decided to address the ongoing issue of body-shaming, as she titled her post with the words "Just a friendly reminder that your body is a work of art, it is unique, and it's yours to love and owns. Don't let society make you think or believe otherwise."

One fan said: "Came for the glam, stay for the smile ♥️Girl I’m so early wtf idk what to say! Your gorg ✨🦋"

This backer shared: "You remind me of Esmerelda from the hunchback of Notre dame. Your eyes are so cApTiVaTiNg. I really love how unashamedly. Feminine you are."

She recently shared this message: "Underneath it all. Last year, the entire year, I faced extreme changes in my skin. (Last two photos in swipe was last year).For years I had flawless clear skin (normal-dry), and I completely 180 to extremely oily skin and having acne. With my job focusing on my appearance, I lost a lot of work and had to take a step back from modeling because my skin was aggravated and angry. As a model, I felt less than when I sat in a makeup chair next to other models who had flawless skin. I felt guilty for what my skin looked like and that I needed to apologize to clients and makeup artists about the state of my skin, which I had no control over even though I was doing and trying everything possibly could. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was depressed, I didn’t want to leave the house, but I pushed myself to not let what my skin looked like define me. This was hard for me to go through because when I was younger, I was teased for having acne, so it brought back all the emotions I felt when I was younger. I’m grateful for my family, my partner, and friends who were extremely supportive in what felt like my most vulnerable difficult year in regards to loving and accepting all of me for what I looked like. I pushed through and managed to walk runway( something I’ve dreamed of doing) and was able to achieve things I could never have imagined whilst going through what I was struggling with privately.
I’m going to share my story and experience with you all on YouTube on how I healed my skin, but I just want to say-
Listen to your body and watch for the signs, your skin will tell you what’s happening on the inside. Don’t ignore these signs. I worked with a naturopath, a Chinese herbal/ holistic dermatologist, because I refused to go on medications/ antibiotics as this will not treat the root of the cause. I strongly encourage you to look into alternative medicine/ methods.
This is my skin, and now I own it because having problems or acne-prone skin doesn’t make you less worthy, less attractive, or less beautiful than anyone. You are uniquely beautiful in your very own way! Love and light, Tecia. ✨🌻"

The first rumors about the romance between the "Lollipop" rapper and Thomas began circulating about a year ago, but their relationship was not officially confirmed until the premiere of Wayne's latest album, Funeral when the two of them appeared together at the red carpet event.

In addition, it was also reported that the popular lyricist and his partner recently got matching tattoos, with Wayne having a TNT explosive drawn on his face, while Thomas opted for a stick of dynamite on her finger.

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