Chris Brown Is Receiving Praises From His Baby Mama, Nia Guzman, For The Following Reason

Chris Brown Is Receiving Praises From His Baby Mama, Nia Guzman, For The Following Reason
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With two adorable children to raise, life is looking good for Chris Brown. Things are going so well for the singer that he has managed to resolve all matters with his first baby mama, Nia Guzman, with whom he shares daughter Royalty.

The world discovered that Chris had a baby girl with Nia via a massive scandal and lawsuit. There was also a nasty war of words online between the pair.

However, five years later, an insider revealed to Hollywood Life that all is well between the parents.

The source confessed that Chris is still single, but he and Nia are doing a great job co-parenting their adorable daughter, who has made their daughter their top priority.

The person stated: "Chris gets along great with Nia because they decided a long time ago to make things work for the sake of Royalty. For Chris, Royalty is the most important girl in his life, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to show her how much her parents love her and that she sees how well they get along.”

The family revealed this to the media outlet: “Despite Chris‘ celebrity status, he does his best to give Royalty a normal upbringing, and that’s why things like attending her soccer games are very important. Chris has matured leaps and bounds, and it’s become incredibly clear how his priorities have completely shifted.”

A person, who is a friend of Nia, also shared their thoughts on the relationship: “Nia has no complaints about Chris, and she loves the way he’s stepped up for Royalty and is making her such an important part of his life. It melts her heart.”

The individual said that Royalty is benefiting from the relationship: “Royalty idolizes her daddy, and Nia totally encourages it. She wants Royalty to be proud of her daddy and to be close to him, and she’s very happy with how Chris is as a father. Nia is still on very good terms with Chris’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, and always appreciates how good she is with Royalty.”

The source concluded by: “Chris and Nia have come a long way in terms of how well they co-parent, and it’s all comes down to what’s best for their daughter.”

Chris is now a different man

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