Lady Gaga Admits She Doesn’t ‘Remember’ Her Own 'Artpop' Album - Fans Are Hurt And Dissapointed!

Lady Gaga Admits She Doesn’t ‘Remember’ Her Own 'Artpop' Album - Fans Are Hurt And Dissapointed!
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On Artpop’s sixth birthday, Lady Gaga took to social media to reveal that she actually doesn’t remember the 2013 record at all! Ironically enough, the singer meant to announce that her third studio album will be having a physical re-release in just a couple of days!

It seems like a really unusual way to celebrate something’s big birthday and revival but Gaga did that and social media is shook!

Regardless of the unconventional way in which the singer marked the creation’s sixth anniversary, she was not afraid to admit that: ‘I don’t remember ARTPOP.’

However, hearing this, Lady Gaga’s fan base felt pretty hurt and betrayed since the album means so much to them,

Here are a couple of their reactions to the post: ‘This is a hate crime ma’am.’ / ‘Omg Justice For ARTPOP please. 🙃🙏.’

And that was not all! Hearing that she did not remember, even the Vevo Twitter account, which uploaded all her performances from the 2013 VEVOartRave wrote: ‘haUHHHH we remember !!! Don’t y’all ??’

At the same time, some hurt fans clapped right back, throwing some shade of their own, this time at Joanne: ‘And some of us choose to not remember Joanne!’

After all, the 2016 album marked a huge tonal shift from the sound she first raised to fame with.

As for Artpop, someone made sure to stress that they remember it – Madeon – the EDM artist that produced three of the songs: Mary Jane Holland, Gypsy and Venus.

Gaga may have forgotten the album since it was not as successful as Born This Way but Artpop still earned her a No. 1 position on the Billboard 200 chart.

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