Irv Gotti Claims He Jokingly Pulled A Gun On His Daughter's Boyfriend During A Talk About Bedroom Activities

Irv Gotti Claims He Jokingly Pulled A Gun On His Daughter's Boyfriend During A Talk About Bedroom Activities
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According to a report from, Irv Gotti is standing behind fellow rapper's parenting style, the methods belonging to T.I. Moreover, the rapper revealed he actually has his own unique way of dealing with his children, especially in conjunction with their boyfriends.

During an appearence on TMZ Live on Monday, Irv claims he chatted about the notorious "s*x discussion" with his daughter, Angie, who was also there with her boyfriend. Irv stated the entire ordeal was actually all in good fun, however, some fans of his found it difficult to put themselves in the shoes of Angie's BF.

According to the way Irv told the story, he simply reminded him of the importance of being respectful and courteous, while also pulling out his gun. Furthermore, Irv stated that he has nothing but respect for his daughter's boyfriend, and she and her man actually been dating for eight years.

As it was previously reported, Irv said earlier in the week that he respected the way TI chose to parent his daughter. Gotti added, however, that he wouldn't be visiting the gynecologist as T.I purportedly did.

Earlier this month, TI found himself at the center of serious controversy after it was revealed that the rapper takes his 18-year-old daughter to the gynecologist every single year to ensure her hymen hasn't been broken.

Following the news, many celebrities and other entertainment figures pointed out the purported immorality of it, with one person writing that it made them "physically ill." The rapper reportedly confessed to taking his daughter, Deyjah, to the doctor every year to make sure she hasn't been having s*x.

Reportedly, during a conversation with Nadia Noham and Nazanin Mandi, on the Ladies Like Us, he was asked on whether or not he had the "s*x talk" with Deyjah. TI said to the hosts of the podcast that not only have they talked about it, but he also takes her to the gynecologist every year to "check her hymen."

The hosts subsequently started laughing, but it turns out that T.I wasn't joking at all about it. Moreover, he goes to the appointment with her and makes sure he hears the results for himself.

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